On July 1, 2020, Monroe Plan entered a partnership with Molina HealthCare of New York(MHNY) which includes the transition of YourCare membership to MHNY. Member and Benefit Information is now available at


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Physician Founded, Service Driven

Monroe Plan for Medical Care was established in 1970 at a time of  tremendous change in the health care industry. In 1969, a group of physicians and medical personnel from Monroe County traveled to California, where they observed how their counterparts on the West Coast were moving toward a “health maintenance organization” concept that included health care oversight, contractual relationships, networking of health care providers and agreement regarding the design of patient care benefits. The following year, a similar foundation for care was established in upstate New York as over 500 physicians in the Monroe County Medical Society decided by an overwhelming majority to form the Monroe Plan for Medical Care. Today, while health care reform remains a high priority on the national agenda, we continue our 50‑year tradition of working to improve outcomes and eliminate disparities.  During our first 50 years, Monroe Plan has worked diligently to provide quality health care services to our community’s most vulnerable members. In doing so, we have fulfilled the dream and vision of Dr. Donald Raines and his fellow physicians who first took up the challenges of managed care in upstate New York in 1970.